Thursday 01/09/2022

Mystical Moy 01/09/2022
Upstream of Foxford, “Bakers fishery” part of Foxford Salmon Anglers waters 01/09/2022

Another foggy start to the day, my pictures don’t do it justice but anyone with a good camera would get some great shots. The first day of September and the first day of the last month of the Salmon season, it wasn’t long coming. From here on we will see an improvement in angling. Perhaps not immediately but soon as conditions improve and fish start to take again we will see more anglers on the banks and more fish been caught. Something to remember is that for September on the Moy an angler is permitted to kill one salmon per day. In any case a lot of Salmon at this time of year are “Red” and are not as good to eat as fresh run fish so its best to return them unharmed. For today i’m afraid its still going to be tough, low water and another bright day ahead. Anyone fishing would be as well to try a prawn. Some rain forecast over the next few days, this should help.

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