Wednesday 31/08/2022

Wednesday 31/08/2022

A bright morning in Foxford, there’s a layer of fog over the water surface making the river look very mystical. Its not going to improve the fishing but it looks good. A bright day ahead I would guess, for anyone heading to the river prawn will be the best method today. From Friday onward we should start to see changes with rain moving in. I don’t know what sort of numbers of fish are in the estuary waiting to run but there’s a lot of resident fish that should liven up once we get proper conditions.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday 31/08/2022”

  1. PJ and Michael,as ever thank you for your honest assesment. I hope that some of all the money you’ve saved us all by not travelling will find its way into your shop come next week as it’s the least you deserve for always beeing available with the best advise you can give to the detriment very often of yourselves. Gerry(Strokestown)

  2. I fished the EMAA disabled access stretch on Friday. I drew a blank but enjoyed trying anyway. What should I do with the tag I was given and do I need to contact EMAA? Thanks for your help,

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