Thursday 21/07/2022

Thursday 21/07/2022

A dull morning in Foxford, no real sign of rain but we could have a few showers. Some fresh water is needed now, the water temperature is still high and is not cooling fast.  Bubble and fly was the most productive method yesterday and quite a few anglers had fish. Its likely to be the same today. Lets see what happens with the rain towards the weekend.

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Friday 19/07/2024

A dry breezy morning in Foxford. It looks like we will have some rain later this morning. The river is now at 0.28m at Ballylahan

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Wednesday 17/07/2024

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Sunday 14/07/2024

A dull morning with low cloud over Foxford, there’s a possibility of showers or misty rain. Yesterday was a tough one especially on the upper