Sunday 05/06/2022

Another bright morning in Foxford, looks like some cloud is building so it may cloud over later. A tough day at the office for most anglers yesterday and today will be largely the same. The river is in nice condition from the Joinings downstream through Foxford but getting low further upstream. Low water and bright weather do not add up to Good. On a more positive note there appears to be reasonable numbers of Grilse arriving which will liven things up a bit. Best method today will be Prawn. We will be closing the shop today and tomorrow Monday at Noon .

3 thoughts on “Sunday 05/06/2022”

  1. Thanks for the forecast. Wewill come the next week from France, we are impatient still two years.
    Alan ans thé team.

  2. Could you advise me what fly size I should be using with the bubble at this time of season and river level

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