Sunday 04/09/2022

Good morning from a not so wet Foxford, last nights rain appears to have gone North of us. We did have some rain and it has wet the ground . The river is now at 0.319m at Ballylahan bridge, it may creep another bit throughout the day. Hopefully some of the rain that fell in the Sligo area will find its way into the Moy, we wont know that until later.  The good news is that there’s more rain forecast for this evening and the remainder of the week is unsettled so we should see a change in levels this week. For today, its looking like a nice fishing day and with the smell of fresh water some of the resident fish may start to wake up. One river that may be worth a spin to is the Easky, I don’t know if it got water or not but if it did this will be the first flood in a long time there and fish should run.We will be closing the shop at Noon today and tomorrow Monday. If anything major happens during the day today I will update here tonight.

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