Sunday 01/08/2021

A dry morning in Foxford. Still a bit of cloud and the possibility of showers. The river is at 0.35m at Ballylahan bridge and suitable for all methods. Reasonable reports throughout the day yesterday. Spinning was the most productive method although one angler caught three salmon on the bubble and fly. Bubble and fly and prawn should both work well today. Lots of fish throughout the entire system and anglers are still catching fresh run salmon upstream of Ballylahan bridge. There’s also a few Pinks been caught, it interesting to see the changes in them. They have developed humps and are now very dark in colour. Two of the three we heard about this weekend are going for research purposes. This research should determine if these fish were originally born in the system or are first time “visitors”. If you do catch one it would be no harm to hand it over to IFI to help this research. I’m told they are not great to eat unless they are fresh silver fish.

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