Sat 22/07/2023

Sat 22/07/2023

An overcast drizzly morning in Foxford. The river is rising, now at 0.67m at Ballylahan bridge it will keep rising for most of the day. This is not ideal, we could have lived without another rise in levels. We can’t do much about it though. For this morning spinning should still work and by afternoon it will be worming. For anyone who wants to get away from the river or try something different, Lough Conn is fishing pretty well for trout. I will update here later this evening.

@17.50: The river has been creeping up for most of the day. It has reached 1.0m at Ballylahan bridge and is still in reasonable condition. We have had rain for the past few hours and I am expecting a further rise overnight. It could be coloured by morning.

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