Friday 16/05/2020

Good morning from a slightly cooler Foxford. A few rain clouds gathering and hopefully we will soon get some much needed rain, the garden is dry 🙂 and the river is low. Its good to see IFI vehicles moving about and nice to know they are out there protecting our fish. Not easy for them either and we as anglers should appreciate their efforts and support them where we can.  We are getting reports of a few salmon been taken by those fortunate enough to live within 5k of the river. Loughs Conn and Cullen are also fishing well with good hatches of May flies and a few olives. Thankfully the Covid crisis is settling a little and numbers are decreasing. We will see a slow reopening over the next while. From Monday East Mayo anglers are reopening the fishery to members who live within 5k, this will allow access to fishing for a considerable number of anglers which is a positive step forward. We ourselves are preparing the shop for reopening as soon as we are permitted. We look forward to serving you in a safe and friendly atmosphere. For now our website has a reasonable selection of products listed and you can email us if you don’t see what you want.  or  email

Throughout the Armchair angling period I suggested that you introduce a beginner to our sport. I’ve already had feedback from a few people and was glad to hear the “Experienced” anglers had as much fun as the beginners and a few dads who have not had time to fish in recent years have got back into it with their kids.  I myself have made arrangements to bring my beginner out for a while on Monday . I’m looking forward to it and will report on how it goes. Michael

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