Sunday 24/09/2023

Sunday 24/09/2023

A dark and damp morning in Foxford with a forecast for some heavy rain later in the day. Today could be the day to fish hard, tomorrow and the following days may see difficult conditions. Over the past few days we have seen some good fishing on the Moy. Interestingly the upper parts, East Mayo Anglers, Cloongee and F.S.A Bakers fisheries have all fished well and anglers are again seeing good numbers of fish moving. The best method has been spinning but fish have also been taken on fly. The river is now at 0.74m at Ballylahan bridge and it should fish as well as it has been fishing. The rain later, if it arrives, will bring change to methods at least. I would advise anyone planning to fish tomorrow to buy some worms today. The shop will be open from 8am to Noon today and will re open at 8am on Tuesday morning.

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