Saturday 13/08/2022

A hazy start to the day again in Foxford. I was walking along the riverbank in the fog listening to lots of splashing in the river, for a while I thought there must be loads of Salmon moving until the quacking started, a family of ducks enjoying the early morning cool. Anyway, that’s as exciting as my morning has been. Salmon angling is difficult and to be honest hardly worth time at the moment. IFI yesterday closed  All the Moy Fisheries, Cloongee and Ballavarry fisheries to angling until further notice, a good call by the guys on the ground monitoring the situation I think. Its not that many anglers are out fishing or that fish are in terrible distress but it shows that the staff are on the ball and acting in the best interests of the fish. My recommendation for the weekend would be to try something different and a beach or some sea fishing springs to mind. We are closing the shop for the day tomorrow.

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