Friday 12/08/2022

Another hazy start and another hot day ahead. IFI yesterday asked anglers to basically give the fish in rivers and lakes a chance, in some places the water is getting too warm and the fish are starting to struggle. So far so good on the Moy and they seem pretty content, we have not seen any acting strangely anyway. From a Salmon angling point of view this heat wave is a disaster, low water ,bright sun and sulky fish. It will end and fishing will improve before the season ends but for now its difficult. We have made a decision to close on Sunday, take a few hours to enjoy the sun and recharge the batteries. If anyone has plans or needs anything please give us a call on 094 9256731 and we will arrange something.

Update @ 19.oo  Due to the current heat wave and water temperatures. Inland Fisheries Ireland have Closed All The Moy Fishery, Cloongee and Ballavarry Fisheries until further notice.

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