Monday 24/05/2021

A bright start to the day in Foxford, still a possibility of showers. Reasonable reports from yesterday morning but by lunch time the river had started to creep up. It peaked at 1.36m and is now at 1.22m at Ballylahan bridge. Quite a lot of colour in the water in Foxford, it will not be a day for fly fishing. Worm and spin will be the best methods today. The weather forecast is for a little less rain so by mid week the river should be in nice condition. Good reports from Lough Conn where although there were no large hatches of May fly trout were taking. A mix of wet and dry fly working well depending on conditions which changed regularly and rapidly.

1 thought on “Monday 24/05/2021”

  1. Burkhard Wiedenbauer

    Hallo Michael and J.P.,
    Leider können wir dieses Jahr nicht nach Irland zum Fischen auf Lachs am River Moy kommen. Die Covid19 Bestimmungen lassen dies leider nicht zu. Wir wünschen euch aber eine gute Saison, Gesundheit und ein kräftiges Petri Heil.

    Eure Freunde aus Österreich
    Profi, Martin und Burkhard

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