Monday 22/08/2022

Apologies for disappearing yesterday. A grey overcast morning in Foxford, no real rain as such just a damp drizzle. By the looks of things nothing major happened to water levels yesterday. The river came up a little but looking at it this morning its still low. I was not on the river yesterday so i’m not sure how fishing was, id be pretty sure that the fresh water would have enticed a few fish to take. My gut feeling though is that it will be September before we see a proper take. 0.22m at Ballylahan bridge it will be suitable for all methods today, while still overcast the bubble and fly should be worth a try.

Candles to the sea. Opening night of the Riverfest Festival .

I mentioned Riverfest the other day. Im glad to see that it seems to have went well, the town was busy and everyone seemed to be having fun.

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