Friday 21/08/2020

Another wet morning in Foxford. Yesterday did not turn out as bad as forecast and although it was windy the rain did not arrive until yesterday evening. We had reports of a few salmon taken, the best was from Gannons fishery where one angler had three on the spinner in an hour before the river coloured up. The three fish were fresh, he kept one and returned two. The river is now at 1.25m at Ballylahan bridge but will soon start to rise again and it is already coloured in Foxford. Today will be difficult and Worm will be the most likely method. The rain is forecast to end soon so hopefully by tomorrow the river will be starting to come back into better order. I will update later this evening

21.45 : The river seems to have peaked now. It is at 1.3m at Ballylahan bridge. We have not had any rain this evening so it should be down at the 1m mark by morning. It will hold a peat stain for a few days. Worm and spin will be the best methods tomorrow

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