Friday 07/01/2022 Happy New year

Friday 07/01/2022 Happy New year

Good morning from a wintry Foxford, hail, sleet and a cool breeze. My apologies for no blog last week, life got in the way.  This weeks is just a quick note to say Happy new year. No reports of any fresh fish from the rivers that open on January 1st but i’m sure it will not be long before someone gets lucky. Water levels in the Moy system are very high so there was no opportunity to get out and about for a look at the spawning streams. I walk the dog along the bank in Foxford nearly every day and since a week before Christmas I have been seeing an increasing number of Kelts splashing around. Its early to see these so i’m assuming there was early spawning. That’s about it guys,its been a quiet Christmas period. Lets hope that 2022 is a good year for us all and that life gets back to normal. Take care

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  1. Bien sûr, trop tôt pour émettre une opînion fiable…Vivons dans l’espoir d’une bonne et belle saison !
    Bravosss aux frères Tiernan pour leurS efficacités.

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