Thursday 30/07/2020

Thursday 30/07/2020

An overcast damp morning in Foxford. The heavy drizzle started yesterday evening and it looks like it has continued all night. Enough to rise water levels but very difficult to predict by how much. The river is now at 0.85m at Ballylahan bridge and i imagine that by lunch time it will bet at the 1m mark. I will update later in the day when i get a better idea of whats happening. No big numbers of anglers on the river yesterday and we got a couple of good reports. Spinning seemed to be the most productive method. I went out for an hour last night and ended up lying on the bank in the rain watching an Otter, wiser men have been locked up!


13.30: We have had a considerable amount of rain so far today. It seems to be lightning of now. The river is now at 1.1m at Ballylahan bridge and will continue to rise for the afternoon.

20.20: The rain has stopped and its a nice evening. The river is still rising, now at 1.2m at Ballylahan bridge. It should peak later somewhere around 1.5m. More rain forecast overnight.

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