Thursday 06/07/2023

Thursday 06/07/2023

A damp drizzly morning in Foxford, it does like we will get some rain in the next 24 /48 hours. Don’t get over excited yet, lets see what happens. I would set aside some fishing time over the weekend and into next week. The level at Ballylahan bridge this morning is 0.3m and the water is suitable for all methods. I will keep this updated as to rainfall and angling predictions.

@ 17.50  We have had a considerable amount of rain throughout the day. Its difficult to say whether or not we have had enough for a decent flood but there will be fresh water by morning. The rain is still falling but not much more than a steady drizzle, fingers crossed 🙂

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Friday 19/01/2024

Good morning from a white Foxford. We have had a few days of snow and frost, due to end this weekend. Snow is always nice