Saturday 25/06/2022

Saturday 25/06/2022

A wet and windy morning in Foxford and the river is rising. Noting major so far, it has come up about 20cm in Foxford and is still clean. Further upstream at Ballylahan it is now at 0.73m. At a guess I would say it will be at or over the 1m mark by mid day.  I’m not sure how much rain fell overnight but the river will probably rise for most of the day and will most likely colour up later.There should be a good movement of fish throughout the system today but it will be late evening before it has an effect in Ballina. For anyone lucky enough to be heading out this morning spinning will work very well from Foxford downstream.  I will update here later today when we get an idea of whats happening

Update @ 12.15  For now the river has peaked at just over 1m at Ballylahan bridge. It is very coloured upstream and the dirt is now hitting Foxford. We have had some heavy rain since 9am so it will most likely start rising again later today. I will update again at about 6 pm

18.30: We have had a substantial amount of rain this afternoon and the river is already rising again. It will be well up by morning and will probably still be coloured. It will certainly be out of order for fly fishing but worm and spin should be OK. I will update early in the morning.

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Friday 19/01/2024

Good morning from a white Foxford. We have had a few days of snow and frost, due to end this weekend. Snow is always nice