Friday 24/06/2022

Friday 24/06/2022

A dry morning so far in Foxford, I wouldn’t hang out the washing though. It looks like we will have some rain in the next 24 hours. Its difficult t know how much will fall, all will be welcome and hopefully we will get some fresh water. For today it is a nice fishing day, dull with a fresh south west breeze. All methods should work. I will update this later this evening regarding rainfall, I think the heaviest will be late tonight and into tomorrow morning and it looks like there will be more on Monday.

Update @18.25   It has rained for most of the day, initially this was light rain and up to 18.00 approx 15mm had fallen. In the past half an hour the rain has got heavier and it now looks like the river will be rising by morning. At this point its impossible to know how big the flood will be but it will move fish.

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Friday 19/01/2024

Good morning from a white Foxford. We have had a few days of snow and frost, due to end this weekend. Snow is always nice