Happy New Year

The Back of the town

Happy New Year from Foxford, what a start. Its safe to say that it has rained since Christmas day. The river is now at 2.6m at Ballylahan bridge and is the highest we have seen it this winter. Our plans to watch salmon spawning, climb mountains and enjoy nature were literally washed away. While I enjoy the Christmas and New year, overall, this year it has been a period I’d rather put behind me and move on. Now looking forward to the season ahead, here’s a few pictures I took yesterday and this morning. Please forgive the poor quality, the weather was brutal.

The big rock this morning. The river will rise more today but it will not be a record breaker.


Seeing the water levels this high makes me wonder how fish like Salmon deal with the changes. Rivers that are normally well-defined channels are now spilling out over the banks creating thousands of acres of flooded fields, its amazing how they manage. Nature is amazing and they have seen it all before.

Ok, out of 20+ pictures two are all that came out…. I will try again and will post a few next Friday.

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