Friday 20/03/2020 I’ve a plan and your part of it :)

Friday 20/03/2020 I’ve a plan and your part of it :)

Good morning from Foxford and it certainly is a beautiful morning, the birds don’t seem to care much for the difficulties in the human world. It has been a surreal week and in general it’s a strange time for us all. It’s a very odd feeling to “socially isolate”. Meeting customers at the shop door and seeing the look of surprise and uncertainty in their faces as you allow one in at a time and explain that pre ordering will be best for the next while. It’s not easy for a shop keeper who enjoys serving customers to have to do this, it feels wrong and insulting but as we are all becoming more aware it has to be done if we want to win this battle. I believe we will win and things will return to normal again. For now we need to support each other and do what is necessary. I feel sorry for young kids who are bound to be scared by all they are hearing, we need to reassure them that it will be ok and there is a bright future. I also feel for the Grand parents who cannot share time with the kids. I came up with a little idea (I’m not sleeping either and it’s amazing what goes through the head at 3am) and I think if you get involved it will work. As anglers and particularly angling club members we complain a lot about the lack of young people getting involved in our sport. We now have an opportunity to introduce our younger and perhaps not so young people to fishing and the outdoor world we all enjoy.

For my part : I’m going to write a little piece about fishing and how to fish. It will be very simple and kid friendly. The main part is that it will involve You. You can be Mammy, Daddy,Aunt, Uncle, Granny or Grandad it doesn’t matter the important thing is that I am writing the “lesson” and You are sharing it.

For your Part: Each week you take a little bit of time and share the lesson and help the beginner to learn. I know we are also separating from Grandchildren at the moment and this is why the idea will work. If you take time you can easily share the information and be part of the experience. I would suggest you print it and post it to whoever you want. You can also add in extra bits of information, pictures etc. This will give the younger person something to look forward to each week. Think about it, when did you last post them a letter?

Im leaving blank spaces for you to add names. If you read through what I’ve wrote (see below) you will get the idea. We will keep this “Armchair” fishing going for 4 or 5 weeks after which hopefully there will be a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, longer days and better weather. At that point I’m sure You may have an old fishing rod or other bits of gear lying around which they will be very happy to receive. Please give it a go we have nothing to loose here and it will make things easier for people.


Lets go Fishing

Hi ……….., My name is Michael and I live in a little town called Foxford. Foxford is in County Mayo, Ireland and is very close to the River Moy. So, I do lots of fishing and I was thinking that You might enjoy fishing to. Well I think it’s a good plan and while we have some time over the next few weeks i’m going to share all I know with you and ……….. .

……………. Will also be involved and that way you know you have someone you can ask questions of and really …………… knows more than I do anyway. This will lead to many adventures and fun times. You can share this with your friends as well. Ask ……………… to pass it on.

Lets start J

Fishing is fun and something we can all enjoy. One important thing is that when we go fishing we don’t always catch fish so we can do a lot of planning and imagining right now.

Actual fishing is really an outdoor thing but for now we can explore all about it and when we are all ready, (……………… will tell you when the best time is) we can go fishing for real.

Let’s think about where could you go fishing? Is there a Stream or a lake or maybe a beach that ……….. Could take you to?

It’s ok if you don’t know, finding out will be part of the fun. If you do know then write the name after My fishing Place and if you don’t please ask …………. Or someone who will know, maybe it’s in a book or on line?

My Fishing Place:


That’s it, you have started fishing! Easy

Next week we best think about what fish we are going to catch. Maybe if you have more free time you can find out about what fish are in your fishing place? I bet …………. Knows

We also need to think about what type of fishing rod we need?

Can you think of anything else? Make a list of anything you think


My Fishing List:


 See you Soon 🙂 Michael & ………..

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