Friday 04/02/2022 Orange and Gold

Friday 04/02/2022 Orange and Gold

Good morning from a showery Foxford. We had a few nasty showers yesterday but overall; the past week has been nice. The season opened last Tuesday and as expected there was a handful of locals who “wet the line”. It was a nice day to be close to the water and nature, no fish reported. The river is rising a little this morning and will probably creep up for most of today, now at 0.8m at Ballylahan bridge. As I mentioned last week, I think we need plenty of rain between now and Mid-March to insure good levels later in the spring and early summer.  I met a couple of friends last night to discuss our little angling clubs calendar. Not an official meeting just a chat over a drink in Guirys bar. It was a nice feeling to be able to sit comfortably in a bar and chat about fishing, things may just be returning to normal. I’ve had a pretty hectic week and have not had time to prepare much for today’s blog. Ill leave you with a pattern which hopefully get you dreaming of good times to come.

The Orange and Gold Shrimp. Very similar to the Bann Special but they are two different patterns. Both have their place in the box.

Although it looks similar to the Bann special and most likely came from the same stable, they are two different flies. I know some Moy anglers who would take this pattern over all others. I have seen it to work in all conditions and throughout the season. From May onward it is definitely worth a try, especially in the days following a flood.

2 thoughts on “Friday 04/02/2022 Orange and Gold”

  1. poirier vincent

    It s VINCENT , i am suppose to come ” home ” the 14 of february with my car as usual at about that moment of the season . I have a good stock of differents Mitchell s rears , and i would like to know if you are interested in them . If it’s yes , i can bring them with me . After it s not going to be possible , because i am coming by plane with a very small luggage . Thank’s to answer me , and i’ll manage . ( Sorry if my englich is not perfect )
    Vincent POIRIER

  2. Finally the Moy is open for business, very early I know, but the important thing is the new season is here and the better weather is coming.
    Looking forward to getting over and seeing all the great friends we have made over the years, getting some Mayo hospitality and a few pints of Pat Guirey’s superb Guinness. Heaven in a glass!!


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