Friday 01/10/2021 Another season ends

Friday 01/10/2021 Another season ends

A balancing act with a sea trout, Killala Bay 25/07/2021

Good morning from a dark,damp and quiet Foxford, another Salmon season over. I think we mark our lives more by the passing of fishing seasons than by the birthdays and like birthdays they seem to be going faster. The 2021 season had highs and lows but overall it was not a bad one. We had a good run of fish, saw the return of anglers to the Moy and a little bit of normality to life. There’s a good number of fish throughout the system and I am reasonably confident there will be good spawning. In summer the Pinks added a new element to our sport and although i’m no scientist I reckon they are here to stay and will become a bigger feature in our lifetimes, 2023 will tell a tale. From a business point of view 2021 was not easy for anyone, Lock-downs, Uncertainty, Brexit, Shortages and Rising prices all had an effect. The main thing for us is that we are still here and have our health, this time next year we could be millionaires, who knows. The winter plan is to get back to work on the website and stock the online shop. We will start a Friday blog which hopefully you will follow and perhaps enjoy. Thank you all for your support and friendship throughout the season, it means a lot.

P.J with a nice Brownie from Lough Cullin May 2021
Mike with a nice Grilse from Foxford 9pm 06/07/2021

17 thoughts on “Friday 01/10/2021 Another season ends”


    Hi Micheal and PJ, yes another season over, but as you say there was light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully the future is even better for fishing, but more important our families and lives in general, thank you for all your help as usual , stay safe and I’ll see you’s all next year

  2. Once again many thanks for all your help and the daily updates so helpful to many Anglers. We look forward to next season plenty of fish and less Covid.
    Jim Gilchrist.

  3. PJ, Michael
    Thanks a million for the daily updates. Really enjoyed them and they often determined whether I’d take the afternoon off or not! Take care during the winter and I’ll be up to replenish the fly box and a few other bits and bobs in the next month. Best wishes, Niall (Galway)

  4. Bonne arrière saison à vous deux, un hiver ausi doux que possible et, au plaisir de vous revoir l’année prochaine.
    Bonne santé pour vous et votre famille !

  5. Back in Munich now, I‘ll say thank you for your daily updates all over the saison. All the news from the Moy area and your serious advice ,too.It was a part of my breakfast and I‘ll miss it. You can be sure I‘ll follow your Friday blog .I think it is a good idea to stay in contact .Hopeful for the season next year.

  6. PJ & Michael – Thank you for your daily updates, advice and supplies through another great season on the Moy. And for the best tasting smoked salmon in Ireland!

  7. Thanks for all the info Lads, it was great to be back fishing this year and having a few pints in Pat Quirys bar in Foxford .already dreaming of the spring run ’22.Keep safe P J and Michael and thanks again for all your assistance

    Jimmy =Eddie.

  8. Thanks lads a difficult but enjoyable season here’s looking forward to next year keep safe till the next time
    Regards Eddie and Jimmy

  9. Thank you Michael and PJ for your great work keeping us informed and well advised throughout the season. A terrific read every morning. Next year, hopefully we’ll be able to make more use of it, so keep ‘er lit. Enjoy the break “until the next time”.
    Best wishes
    Michael Brennan.

  10. Thanks Guys for all you help during
    the year.
    Hopefully we have a short winter & get back fishing early in 2022.
    Thanks again.
    Pat in Dunboyne

  11. Daily posts during season very helpful and informative – Thanks!
    A suggestion for your weekly Blog – its difficult to get information on all of the Fisheries on the Moy around Foxford if you haven’t actually fished a particular Fishery. A Blog article, dedicated to each Fishery, providing a description and information, Fishery Map and location of Pools with information on best methods to use on each pool or stretch on the Fishery would be most valuable for a visiting angler. Not sure if this is available in a booklet or available already, but if not it would be great information to have for visiting anglers. If this kind of information is already available somewhere, could you let me know where I can get it?
    Keep up the good work!!!!

  12. Michael & PJ.
    So gutted we have not been over for two years now thanks to the pandemic ,but light at the end of the tunnel and we will see you in April 22.Stay safe and best wishes to you &your families.
    Graham Rogerson.

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