Last day of the 2022 Salmon season. Got up, put my waders on and walked the dog. That’s the sort of morning it is in Foxford..Wet and windy. It is actually like we went straight into the middle of winter, wind ,rain and pitch black outside. All that been said there’s something special about a walk in the rain, specially when one hasn’t done it in a while. I think its going to ease of later so it will probably be an ok day along the river. The rain falling now will not have an effect on levels before this evening. At the moment its at 0.36m at Ballylahan bridge. With this change in weather there will be some fish taken today. Spinning will be the best method. For anyone heading out, wrap up well and Tight Lines. From P.J and I, a big thank you all for your support throughout the season. We will continue with the blog on Fridays and ill keep you up to speed on life in the west of Ireland. Michael

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