Friday 15/07/2022

A nice fishing morning in Foxford, not to bright,high cloud and a nice breeze. There should be a few fish taken in the early part of the day today. The afternoon is forecast to be brighter but lets wait and see. Good numbers of Grilse splashing about in Foxford this morning, a mix of residents and travelling fish i’d say. The rive is now at 0.25m at Ballylahan bridge, low but still fresh fish making their way up there. Still plenty of water through Foxford and on downstream. Bubble and fly and prawn are accounting for most of the fish we are hearing about but interestingly there’s a few reports of fish been taken on small Mepps and Rapala !. Another low water tactic worth trying would be the single worm. Looking like a difficult weekend ahead for salmon angling but as we all know a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.

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