Friday 14/07/2023

A very cloudy and grey morning in Foxford. We had some heavy showers yesterday afternoon and the river is already creeping up. Now at 0.337m at Ballylahan bridge it will continue to creep for a good part of the day. The forecast is for some heavier rain this afternoon and into tomorrow when we will also have strong wind. Anyone on the river this morning should be in with a good chance of a fish and spinning will be well worth trying. Its difficult to say what tomorrow will bring, it depends on how much rain we get. I will update here later tonight.

@15.30 We have had a good amount of rain already today, if it continues for another few hours we should have a good flood tomorrow. A few people have asked for a link to our webcam, this will bring you to it on youtube

@19.00 It is still raining in Foxford and it looks like it will continue for another while at least. The river has started to rise ( now at 0.78m at Ballylahan bridge ). I would expect it to be well over the 1m mark by morning, it will most likely be coloured upstream of Foxford. Best chance of a fish in the early morning will be further downstream, between the wood pool and Ballina

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