Wild River Fish Universal Selection


Wild River Fish Universal Selection

This Universal River selection of modern and classic patterns has been designed and tested by Top river anglers across Ireland and the U.K.  The set which comes in a handy pocket friendly plastic fly box with slit foam contains 20 flies to cover most situations . These patterns will work for both Trout and Grayling.

Original price was: €29.50.Current price is: €19.95.

Quill Emergers: Naturally imitating hatching insects.To be fished as a dry fly from a floating line.

Wet Spiders: Imitating a variety of sub surface flies. Ideally to be fished aggressively with a tight line.

Czech Nymphs: Represent the Caddis larvae appearing in almost all rivers across the country.

Tungsten Perdigon: Nymphs: Have been designed to sink fast, cutting the water tension rapidly to reach the depths and find the fish.

Jig Hook Nymphs: Specially designed to swim upside down avoiding catching snags when hitting the river bottom.