Westin Salty Jig, 8Gram, 4.5cm

Westin Salty Jig, 8Gram, 4.5cm


Westin have created a jig lure for saltwater species that is simple, beautiful and gets the job done. Whether you’re targeting seabass, mackerel or Seat trout, this baby can be used to catch them in a variety of ways. Spinning, vertical jigging, jigging and slow jigging all produce results with Salty thanks to its flattened and curved body profile. It is equally at home splashing in the shallows or diving into the depths and promises to reduce lost fish thanks to a reinforced single hook and double splitrings that allow it some movement when a big one strikes. Salty is a no-frills, fish-catching favourite that you need in your tackle box.

  • Material: Lead
  • Hook: Ultra sharp saltwater single hook
  • Double splitrings for improved hook up
  • Curved profile for perfect lively action
  • For jigging and cast and retrieve
  • Hand painted detailed colors



Black Headlight, Silver Ayu, Blue Ayu


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