Rolla Silver Bullet

Rolla Silver Bullet

Salmon anglers in Ireland, Scotland and the North of France have been using these wonders for years, especially on Ireland’s famous river Moy, where these lures have a cult following. The lures are made of the finest high quality components, especially where it matters at the hook end, where only an Owner® hook will do. (Min Order 4 Spinners Mixed)

  • The most effective salmon spinner used on Ireland’s famous River Moy;
  • Using the finest Owner® treble hooks;
  • Range of different coloured rubber tails, including black, red, yellow, purple, natural and Pink;
  • Full range of sizes to suit all water heights and fish species;
  • A range of large blades to suit all water heights and colours – the larger blades slow the lure down going through the water;
  • Lures can be made with the unique twin blades;
  • Weighted bodies are not hidden but form a vital part of the overall design – bodies come in silver and chrome;



Large Blade, Medium Blade

tail colour

black, red, pink, yellow

blade colour

silver, copper, gold


11g, 16g, 22g