River Runs Spiral Strike indicators Czech Nymph

River Runs Spiral Strike indicators Czech Nymph

  • Riverruns Spiral Strike Indicators, two Hi-Vis colors, bright yellow and orange. 2 pc each color, and extra micro tippet rings in dia 2mm included. 
  • In highly sensitive fishing situation Spiral Indicators are essential for detecting the slightest strike while protecting your lightest tippets. They are durable and easily attached any position on your rig with micro tippet rings included or with the loop connections.
  • When a fish is hooked, the spiral indicators will straighten, the coils return quickly without any tangling, sensitive enough to detect the most subtle of takes. They are ideal for Czech and French nymphing techniques.


Riverruns Spiral Strike indicators Czech Nymph,French Nymph 2 Hi Vis Colors Each 2 Pieces Hand Made Proudly From Europe, Extra Micro Tippet Ring Included,


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