Maxima Chameleon 100m spool

Maxima Chameleon 100m spool

  • Maxima Chameleon Line.
  • One of the most popular lines for coarse fishing.
  • Incredible knot strength and abrasion resistance.

Maxima Chameleon Monofilament Line features the unique property of being able to change hues to match the color its surroundings, for invisibility in waters that are lightly stained or muddy. Chameleon also features one of the toughest finishes on the market, making it ideal for use in a wide range of freshwater and saltwater environments. This line is a favorite for casting and flipping around rocks and brush, fishing rock-strewn rivers and targeting kelp beds and reefs. Maxima Chameleon Monofilament works well on baitcast and conventional reels and is widely used for butt sections of fly fishing leaders.


Breaking Strain

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