ABU 100 Years Anniversary Retro Spoon 3-pack

ABU 100 Years Anniversary Retro Spoon 3-pack

  • Contains 3 of Abu Garcia’s most iconic lures
  • In Silver, Gold and Copper
  • Finished with high quality Fusion 19 treble hook
  • Retro spoons in original colors


ABU was founded 100 years ago, in 1921, in Svängsta, Sweden by Carl August Borgström. The company manufactured pocket watches, telephone timers and taxi meters. Unfortunately, World War II caused a sharp decline in the demand for taxi meters. Undaunted, ABU redirected its skills toward the development of precision fishing reels used by anglers the world over. A century later we are still as committed as we were then to providing anglers around the world with the highest quality and most innovative products. The box you hold in your hands contains 3 of our most iconic lures; the Glimmy, ABU-Draget and Island. These lures are remakes of our original models from the 1960’s and 1970’s, in original colors. Gift them, collect them or fish them; They still catch as good today as they did all those years ago.

Abu Retro spoon

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