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Monday 14/08/2017

The river is rising pretty fast this morning. It is now at 0.6m at Ballylahan bridge. Judging by further upstream it will continue to rise. This will have an adverse effect on fishing by mid day . Today would be a good day to try one of the spate rivers like the Easkey or Owenmore. Lough Conn is also an alternative.

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Thursday 10/08/2017

The river is now at 0.49m at Ballylahan bridge. Reports for the past few days have been quiet. A lot of fish been seen but no great take. This will change as the river fall. Bubble and fly and Prawn will again start to work.

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Tuesday 08/08/2017

The River is now at 0.78m at Ballylahan bridge and is clearing nicely.There’s a lot of resident fish throughout the system and reports of fresh run fish are still coming in. Fishing should be good for the next few days with the water been suitable for all methods.

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Saturday 05/08/2017

The river is very slightly up on yesterday, from 0.7m to 0.75m at Ballylahan bridge. This is nothing substantial and should not cause problems for angling. We had one confirmed report of a Local angler taking 3 salmon on fly from east Mayo Anglers waters yesterday.

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Friday 04/08/2017

The River is now at 0.78m at Ballylahan bridge and is in good condition for all methods. Prawn will start to work on fisheries down stream of Foxford. On the Fisheries upstream fly or Bubble and fly should be worth a try.

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A showery morning with a fresh breeze, the river is at 1.07m at Ballylahan bridge and is coloured. It is suitable for spinning and worm fishing. we had reports of some fish taken in Foxford town yesterday morning and further downstream later in the day.

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Tue 01/08/2017

The river is now at 0.9m at Ballylahan Bridge. It is reasonably clear and is in good condition for spinning.Fisheries down stream of Foxford should be worth a try this morning. A showery night and morning so far, It will most likely creep up again today which could make things difficult by afternoon.

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