Sharpes Gye Nets

Sharpes Gye Nets

These traditional Gye nets date back to the very early days of Sharpe’s of Aberdeen and have rightly gained a reputation of endurability and flexibility and are considered the industry standard by many.

Whether it’s our 18″ Trout, or either the 20″ Sea Trout, or our range of Salmon Frames in 24″, 27″ or 30″ we have the net for you.

Every net is handmade in the UK and a Peel sling is included


Round and Tear drop models

24 Inch, 27 inch and 30 inch Round come with leather peel strap

18 inch Trout

20 Inch Sea Trout

24 Inch Salmon

27 Inch Salmon

30 Inch Salmon

Head Shape

Round, Teardrop


18 Inch trout, 20 Inch Sea trout, 24 Inch salmon, 27 Inch Salmon, 30 Inch Salmon