Monday 10/04/2023

Monday 10/04/2023

A showery looking morning in Foxford, the river is creeping up. It is now at 0.75m at Ballylaahan bridge but I have a feeling that following yesterdays rain it will continue to rise for another while. Conditions were nice and we did not need this. For this morning East Mayo anglers and Cloongee will still be good places to try, spin and worm will be the best methods. The shop is closed today and will reopen tomorrow morning at 8am.

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Saturday 20/07/2024

An overcast and damp morning in Foxford. It would appear that we have had some reasonably substantial rainfall. I was fishing until after midnight and

Friday 19/07/2024

A dry breezy morning in Foxford. It looks like we will have some rain later this morning. The river is now at 0.28m at Ballylahan

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Another bright start to the day in Foxford, a little more of a breeze than yesterday morning. Water levels are low and we need rain

Tuesday 16/07/2024

A little bit of blue sky over Foxford and it looks like a nice day ahead, perhaps not ideal for angling. Already it looks like