Westin Salty, 12 gram, 7 cm

Westin Salty, 12 gram, 7 cm


This bestselling Westin lure has it all. It will cast far even against the hardest wind, it can be fished fast or slow, it can be used in extremely shallow water and it has a swimming action that appeals to trout at all times of year. Try the largest version when night fishing for really big trout during the summer.Numerous fish in excess of five kilos have been tricked by the action and the baitfish like silhouette this lure creates. And if we’re talking picky trout’sat wintertime nothing can compare to the medium or small versions fished at a slow pace with a few twitches of the rod tip and a couple of pauses during the retrieve.

  • Lead free concept
  • Material: ABS plastic / Zinc
  • Several UV,Fluo Max and Glow colors
  • Japanese-style hook
  • Hook size: #6 / #4 / #2
  • Stay On – double split ring hook mount
  • Designed and developed in Scandinavia


Colour & weight

Diamond thief 12 gram, UV Sinking Wedding 12 gram, 3D Olive Ayu 12 gram


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