Shimano Sahara RD 4000 Double Handle

Shimano Sahara RD 4000 Double Handle

Sahara RD 4000

The Sahara RD is the mid-level rear drag model with a look and feel that underlines Shimano quality. With visually stunning metallic platinum and gold finish this reel is an eye-catcher in every anglers hands. Featuring 3 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a roller bearing, Sahara utilises a multi-disk rear drag system for smooth progressive performance, and Fightin’Drag for precise adjustable control when playing fish. Featuring a Cold Forged Aluminum Spool with AR-C line managemnet that’s suitable for both mono and braid, and Varispeed line lay which prevents fine mono and braid bedding in under pressuere,


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Sahara RD-DH 4000


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