Mustad Viking – 79515 NP-BR

Mustad Viking – 79515 NP-BR

Mustad Viking – 79515 NP-BR

  • Heavier guage hook for heavy shore and light boat fishing
  • Classic ‘uptide’ pattern
  • Bronze finish
  • Medium guage wire for extra strength
  • Medium Shank
  • Viking Bend
  • Chemically sharpened Ultrapoint
  • Micro barb
  • Neat eye
  • Well suited to Prawn, worm’ crab and fish baits
  • Sizes 2 to 1/0


The Mustad 79515NP-BR is a very popular all round hook. It has a great reputation as an ‘uptide’ hook from the boat but they are equally as popular as a heavy duty shore pattern. The 79515NPBR is a medium wire hook which is forged for extra strength. They have Mustads chemically sharpened Ultrapoint and a neat barb.
The Viking has a wide gape which means it can be used with a wide variety of baits including Prawn, crab, squid and fish. It is a good choice for larger species such as hounds, bass, rays and cod

Hook Size

2, 1, 1/0


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