April 23, 2021

The Springers are on their way. Friday 23/04/21

A 9lb fish from East Mayo Anglers. This fish was released.

Good morning from a sunny Foxford. We have had a few beautiful days and it looks like the good weather is to continue for the rest of this week at least. Not ideal for Salmon fishing but you can’t please everyone.  The river is in very nice condition, 0.54m at Ballylahan bridge and suitable for all methods. Throughout the week there was reasonable reports given the lack of angling pressure. We would have heard of 8 or 10 fish caught. Most of the fish caught were in the 5 to 9lb bracket which is small for this time of year. Derek Harrison took a beautiful 14lb salmon just upstream of Ballina yesterday.  I reckon this will be the start of the main run of springers. Over the next fortnight there should be some good fishing. I know that’s not the news a lot of you really want to hear but on the positive side there will be a good escapement of fish and stocks should increase in the coming years.


Getting Time to Fish

Derek Harrison, 14lb from upstream of the Ridge Pool Ballina

A small lough Brownie

A benefit of Lockdown and having free time for us is that we get to do some more fishing. On Sunday last P.J and I visited a small local lough. The Lough which is not far from Foxford holds a large stock of small brown trout.  We had some good fun and for their size they can put up a nice little battle on light gear.

On Monday I was back on Lough Mask with John Burke. It was a cold and wet day but we had some good fishing. John has vast experience in Lough angling and it’s very interesting to have a day with him. His knowledge of Loughs, trout, flies and how to fish is something that can only be gained in a lifetime of angling and I have to say that I feel a little honored that he is willing to share some of this with me. I’m looking forward to our next outing which will hopefully be soon.


John Burke with a Lough Mask Brownie. This one fell to the J.B Bibio

Still no news on when we can open the tackle shop. We are in the fish shop on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and are doing what’s possible to assist anglers. We do have to remember that there is still a real danger to people’s health and we have to act in a responsible and safe manner, none of us want to be responsible for another person getting sick.

I will soon be starting back to daily updates. Tight Lines if you get out

Remember: Don’t be “The Gobshite”, Leave no trace

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